50/52 – Ivy City Smokehouse

12/10/16—I had tried some of the smoked fish spreads from Ivy City Smokehouse at the Edible DC Eat Drink Local event I had gone to earlier in the year. I remembered thinking they were very good at the time, so when I found myself in the Ivy City neighborhood in northeast DC hanging out with a friend, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to check out The Tavern at Ivy City Smokehouse. This is not to be confused with The Market at Ivy City Smokehouse, which is a separate entrance where they sell fresh local fish, as well as their smoked offerings, at wholesale to the public prices.

Once we were seated, we figured we would continue the keeping-it-local theme and ordered two Ponzi IPA’s from Atlas Brew Works, another Ivy City establishment. Atlas produces some pretty great beers, this one included.

We started out with the “Smokehouse App,” which includes your choice of one of their smoked fish offerings, crostini, and horseradish sauce. We chose the Great Lakes Smoked Whitefish Salad. The whitefish salad was deliciously smoky, and paired well with the horseradish sauce. The app only came with one crostino, which was definitely not enough to handle all of the whitefish goodness, so we had to order an extra (at a cost of like $3, which seemed a bit steep for a slice of grilled bread).

We decided to share our entrees, family style. The first one we ordered was the Pastrami Smoked Salmon Tacos. Soft corn tortillas were filled with the restaurant’s signature pastrami smoked salmon, cabbage, horseradish sauce, and crispy fried onions on top. These tacos were pretty bomb—the smoky flavor from the salmon, paired with the creaminess and tanginess of the horseradish sauce and the crunchiness of the cabbage and onions made for a delectable combination.

For the other entrée, we chose the Char-grilled Shrimp. The grilled shrimp were served on a skewer with ancho BBQ sauce, basmati cilantro rice, and asparagus. The ancho sauce actually had a fair amount of kick to it. The shrimp were cooked well and retained that yummy charred flavor from the grill.

I can pretty confidently say that I have never had better smoked fish anywhere else—Ivy City Smokehouse has perfected its craft. If smoked fish is your jam, and you want to eat/drink local, I recommend giving Ivy City Smokehouse a try.

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