Mintwood Place

2/3/17—DC’s winter restaurant week fortunately coincides with my birthday every year, so I made a reservation for me and my best gals to have a birthday restaurant week dinner at Mintwood Place. The executive chef, Cedric Maupillier, has received numerous accolades for Mintwood Place and his other DC restaurant, Convivial. This one had been on my list to try for a long time, so I was excited to finally get around to doing it.

We started by ordering a carafe of the featured restaurant week cocktail. It was called the “Winter Warmer”, and was made with bourbon, pear, pomegranate, cranberry, cinnamon, lemon, and celery bitters. This definitely hit the spot, and had us a feeling a little loosey goosey after just a couple glasses.

We each ordered a different dish for the first course. Sarah ordered the blistered shishito peppers. These had great grilled flavor, which was enhanced by the rock salt sprinkled over the top.

Vanessa ordered the burrata, which ended up being more of a kale salad than a burrata. The mound of cheese came atop a generous portion of kale with hazelnut, apple, and tamarind.

I ordered the wood fired baby sepia with bacon sunchoke barigoule. I appreciated the flavor on these, but they were a bit chewy.

Nicole ordered the steak tartare, topped with radish and crispy shoestring potatoes. The mix of textures was perfect.

Lastly, Karen ordered the deviled pickled eggs. They were a gorgeous pink color, and tasted like a pretty standard deviled egg.

Next came the entrees.

I ordered the roasted scallops with oyster veloute and crispy leeks. They poured the sauce on at the table, which always makes for a fun, interactive presentation.

Nicole ordered the pork tenderloin, served with a kohlrabi apple kraut and charcutiere sauce.

Vanessa ordered the braised lamb shoulder, with chickpea tagine, couscous, and gremolata.

Sarah ordered the wood oven roasted chicken, which came with carrots and turnips. Talk about a sizeable serving of chicken!

Last, but not least, Karen ordered the winter squash ravioli, with wood roasted leeks and a sage beurre blanc.

All of the entrees were classic and well-executed.

For our last course, we had the option to choose between a cheese course and a dessert course. I opted for the cheese, while the other ladies chose dessert. For my cheese selection, I chose a blue cheese, a Grayson, and a pecorino.

Nicole and Karen both ordered the key lime pie, which had a speculoos crust and was topped with lots of whipped cream and pomegranate.

Sarah ordered the raspberry sorbet.

Vanessa’s dessert was my favorite, although it was a pretty close race. She ordered the bread pudding with hazelnut ice cream and pears.

As we munched on our desserts, the restaurant surprised me by bringing out a bowl of whipped cream and sprinkles with a sparkler stuck in the middle so everyone could embarrassingly sing me happy birthday. I appreciated the gesture, and might have even enjoyed it a little bit… 🙂

Everyone quite enjoyed their meals, although no one raved about any of the dishes in particular. I’m glad we tried Mintwood Place, but I don’t think I’ll hurry back any time soon.

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