Universal Studios + Epcot (Orlando)

3/30/17 – 4/2/17

I had traveled down to Orlando for a payments conference for work, and decided to stay an extra few days and have Will meet me down there. I had recently introduced Will to the world of Harry Potter–we had just finished watching all 8 of the movies. Although he was originally skeptical about ever liking the series, he was now hooked (and even considering reading the books!). We had been talking about visiting Harry Potter world at Universal Studios ever since he realized he was a fan, and this work trip was the perfect opportunity.

In addition to HP World, we decided to spend a day at Epcot to attempt the “drink around the world” challenge. While the rides and attractions at Universal and Epcot are always enjoyable, the food and drink is really what it’s all about, right?

First thing I did at Universal was grab a butterbeer. There are three different kinds to choose from throughout the park–hot, cold, and frozen. This is the cold one.

We hit up the Leaky Cauldron for a traditional English breakfast and pumpkin juice one of the mornings we were there.

A trip to Harry Potter world wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Honeydukes, of course.


The start of the Drink Around The World Challenge:

Stop 1: United Kingdom. We did an English ale at the Rose and Crown Pub.

Stop 2: Canada. We chose the classic–Labatt Blue Lite.

Stop 3: Margaritas in Mexico.

Stop 4: Linie shots in Norway.

Stop 5: Tsingtao in China.

Stop 6: Safari Amber Ale and African Spiced Rum with Mango at the African Trading Outpost.

Stop 7: Giant pretzel, a Dunkel, and a Weissbier in Germany.

Stop 8: Wine flight + cheese and prosciutto in Italy.

Stop 9: a craft beer in America.

Stop 10: Sake in Japan.

Stop 11: Moroccan wine and Shawarma in Morocco.

Stop 12 (the final stop): French wine in France!

We did it! We were even still coherent enough to remember the Illuminations show.

Not pictured: the delicious caramel chocolate chip cookies we got at the caramel shop in Germany and drunk-ate on the way back to the hotel.



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