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I LOVE food. I love a lot of other things too–electronic dance music festivals, a cappella music, craft beer, wine, fitness, fashion, arts & crafts, traveling, math problems & logic puzzles, to name a few. I recently got to┬áthinking about which of my many loves I got my fill of in 2015, and which ones I wish I had paid a little more attention to. I read a lot of articles about the DC food scene and follow several DC foodie instagram accounts. I keep a list in my notes of restaurants that I would like to try, and add to it whenever I read about a new place that seems appealing or see a new post of something delicious. I realized that in 2015 I added many more restaurants to my list than I actually crossed off the list…which brings me to my 2016 New Year’s Resolution–to try at least one new restaurant every week in 2016. Yes, that is 52 new restaurants.

To hold myself accountable, and to cater to those who are interested in following along, I will keep an account here of each new restaurant I try. You can also follow my food journey on Instagram (@caseyjeanlittle) or Twitter (@AceOfCase2011) under the hashtag #CaseyEatsDC. Cheers to a New Year full of new eats!


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